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Condor Videos

Wild condor chick survives Big Sur Fire

Condor nest check, May 22, 2008

Videos of Big Sur condors flying and feeding

These videos are of California Condors released by Ventana Wildlife Society in Big Sur, California. The footage was provided by Pandion Entertainment, Inc. during a shoot to film condors feeding on a deer carcass.

The photographer, Bruce Reitherman, waited in his blind to film condors flying over the carcass, then landing nearby, as shown in the first two video sequences. The third video sequence shows just how cautious condors are when first approaching a new carcass. (Hours went by before they actually began feeding.) Then the condors began to feed on the dead deer in a large social group (video sequence 4). At dusk, the birds took flight to spend the night at a nearby roost (video sequence 5).

A special thanks goes to Bruce and Pandion Entertainment for providing the video.

To view these videos you will need the Windows Media Player or QuickTime player. If you are using a dial-up connection it may take several minutes to download these videos. If you want to view the videos more than once please save them to your hard drive. This will keep data transfer and the associated cost to Ventana Wildlife Society at a minimum.

Condor Soaring

Condor Video Sequence 1 - Soaring
This is a scene of a condor soaring low over the terrain towards a carcass. File size: 2.02 MB / Video length: 12 seconds
View video of condor flying


Condor Landing

Condor Video Sequence 2 - Landing
Here is some footage of a condor landing on a rock outcropping. Note that the head and neck coloration are both black and reddish-orange, indicating that this condor is in the sub-adult age class. Also, check out the feather separation and crop once the condor lands. This bulging of the crop is how biologists can tell if a condor has fed recently. File size: 3.58 MB / Video length: 21 seconds
View video of condor landing


Condor Approach

Condor Video Sequence 3 - Approach
This video contains footage of a juvenile condor approaching a deer carcass. At the end of the scene two other juvenile condors are shown standing next to the carcass. File size: 2.35 MB / Video length: 15 seconds
View video of condor approaching deer carcass


Condor Feeding

Condor Video Sequence 4 - Feeding
Here is a glimpse of how chaotic things can be at a condor feeding. File size: 2.52 MB / Video length: 15 seconds
View video of condors feeding


Condor Takeoff

Condor Video Sequence 5 - Take Off
This video contains footage of a condor taking off and then soaring with another condor over a potrero in the rugged Santa Lucia Mountains of Big Sur. File size: 2.26 MB / Video length: 13 seconds
View video of condor taking off


More Condor Videos

Links to videos featuring California Condors in Big Sur:

Redwood tree nesting Condors are Condors Male 167 and Female 190

California Condor in a Redwood tree nest

California Condor in a Redwood tree nest, part two

California Condor in a Redwood tree next, part three

California Condor in Redwood tree, part four

April 13, 2008 - One day old condor chick in cliffside nest in Big Sur
Condor parents attending this hatchling are male 204 and female 222

Cliff nesting Condors are Condors Male 168 and Female 208

Condor in cliff nest
California Condor nest in cliff

Condor in cliff nest
California Condor nest in cliff, part two

Condor nest check May 2008