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Adopt A Condor

Curious adult condorCalifornia Condors are back on the central coast, but the population still needs help. Condors continue to be threatened by lead poisoning and marine contaminants acquired while feeding on carcasses. Ventana Wildlife Society employs a team of dedicated biologists who daily monitor the health of the population, maintain feeding areas stocked with lead-free carcasses, regularly test condor blood lead levels, and arrange treatment for affected birds. Prompt treatment has saved the lives of many condors in the flock. You can help us help condors by joining the adopt-a-condor program. Even though this program will not give you the joy of hauling a carcass over rugged terrain or handling a condor yourself, it will give you the joy of financially contributing to these and other efforts by Ventana Wildlife Society biologists to protect the population. Please check out the different adoption kits below and order online, by phone, or by downloading and mailing an order form. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your support!

To Adopt online:

Donate to Ventana Wildlife Society

$100 adoption kit contains**

$100 Adoption Kit

Adopt-A-Condor Order Form

$50 adoption kit contains**

$50 Adoption kit contains

Adopt-A-Condor Order Form

$25 adoption kit contains**

$25 adoption kit contains

Adopt-A-Condor Order Form

** All kits offer the option to join VWS' E-mail Alert
To receive VWS news updates, program information, and event postings simply list your e-mail when ordering. You may cancel your subscription at any time by checking a box sent in the e-mail alert.

Need Help?
Call the VWS office: 831-455-9514 Mon.- Fri.: 9am-5pm PST

Our Mission:
For more than 30 years, VWS has been conserving native wildlife and their habitats. Rather than dwelling on past mistakes that brought many of our wild animals to the brink, we focus on the present. We recover individual species and track the populations of many others so that conservation can be timely as well as effective. Focusing on youth education, we better ensure that future generations have the willingness and capacity to help wildlife. Our vision is to have a society who cares for and supports wildlife across the planet, particularly in California.

Shipping Information:
Delivery time and date cannot be guaranteed. Based on VWS processing time and USPS estimated delivery time, please allow 2-3 weeks for U.S. delivery.

About Your Donation:
Your donation will be used in general support of VWS' efforts. 85 cents of every donated dollar goes toward conservation.


You can give a VWS gift membership for a birthday, wedding, graduation, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or any occasion you would like to honor. It is a very thoughtful way to commemorate an important day in the life of someone who cares about the future of nature. We will send a personalized letter to the notified party to acknowledge the membership gift. If you wish for the adoption kit to go to the honored party, check the “Send kit to honored party” box when ordering. If the box is not checked,
the kit will automatically be shipped to your address. The kit cannot be split up and mailed to different parties.

Upon submitting your donation online, the adoption kit is processed immediately and shipped. If you’d like the adoption kit directly to the recipient, check the “send adoption kit to gift recipient” box. If the box is not checked, it will automatically be shipped to your address. We cannot guarantee shipping timeframes, however estimated delivery time for mailed items to US addresses is 2-3 weeks; estimated shipping timeframe for international addresses is 3-8 weeks.

A Memorial gift can be made in remembrance of a loved one who is deceased. In arranging your memorial gift, please provide us with the full name of the person being remembered, as well as the full name and address of the person to be notified about this special gift. We will send a personalized letter to the notified party to acknowledge the Memorial Adoption gift. If you wish for the adoption kit to go to the notified party with the certificate “in memory of”, check the “Send kit to notified party” box when ordering.

If you do not want VWS to spend money on sending you the free gifts associated with your adoption, select "Donate without receiving Adoption Kit” when ordering. Please be aware that if you remove the adoption kit to maximize your donation, you will still receive an acknowledgment for the donation but will not receive ANY tangible items (such as the plush animal, photo, adoption certificate, etc.) associated with the donation. If you order over the phone, please tell the staff member that you would like to maximize your donation and do not want the mailed gifts. Ventana Wildlife Society thanks you for your additional commitment to our conservation efforts!

If you do not want the plush animal (or t-shirt option) that comes with the adoption package at the $50 level and above, but would like to receive the paper adoption items, you may choose the “Certificate and photo only” option when ordering.

Your donation is fully tax deductible to the extent of the law. The level of tax-deductibility depends on whether or not a free gift was selected and the amount donated. Please refer to the mailed acknowledgment letter to determine how much of your gift is tax-deductible.

A VWS membership comes automatically with the adoption and is valid for one year. Membership begins on the date of your initial contribution, and is extended by one year for every renewal contribution. If you join VWS as a monthly giver, your membership will never expire unless you choose to stop donating monthly. Then your membership will be extended for one year from your last donation. As a monthly giver you will not receive frequently mailed requests for contributions like our annual givers, but will still enjoy the benefits of membership including our newsletter On the Wild Side.

Please visit our donation page to make a secure online credit card donation. You may call VWS at 831-455-9514 to make a secure credit card donation over the phone, or donate through the mail by sending a check contribution to:
Ventana Wildlife Society
19045 Portola Dr Ste F1
Salinas CA 93908