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Discovery Camp

Condor Wilderness Camp (ages 13-18)

Single Day Adventures
(ages 8-12)

Wee Ones In The Woods (ages 4-7)

School Year Nature Classes (ages 4-12)

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Meaningful experiences in nature are what inspires passion for stewardship - whether it be quietly journaling in the shade of a giant redwood, observing ornithologists with songbirds in hand, or having a condor soar so close overhead that the rustle of it's feathers can be heard. VWS works to inspire hope for humans and wildlife to thrive together by offering meaningful educational experiences for all ages.

Youth Programming Workshops, Classes and Presentations

Educational Programs and Experiential Opportunities

2014 Summer Program Dates & Prices

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2014 Summer Programs

Just For Kids
Summer Camp
(ages 8-12)
Condor Camp
(ages 13-18)
Nature Classes
(ages 4-12)
Single Day Adventures
(ages 8-15)
Wee Ones In The Woods
(ages 4-7)

To sign up for youth programming

1. Call 831-455-9514, or email Alena Porte to reserve your spot.

If there are options available for pick up and drop off, please indicate your preference.

2. Complete the Registration Form (if you are signing up for Mountains Rock or Habitats camp – complete the Kayak Waiver Form as well). If you are applying for financial assistance, complete the Scholarship Form. For a Condor Wilderness Camp full scholarship application and guidelines - click here.

3. Return forms to our office via fax, mail or email.

Refund Policy

Are you Over 18 Years of Age OR Too Old For Camp?

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