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CONDOR CAM - Sponsored by FedEx

Ventana Wildlife Society Youtube Channel
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Which condor did you see? Use condor spotter to find out.
Which condor did you see?
Use condor spotter to find out.

Welcome viewers- You are watching Ventana Wildlife Society's Condor Webcam, the first webcam to stream live video of wild condors! This camera was made possible by Ventana Wildlife Society (VWS), Oakland Zoo, FedEx and Camzone and is the ultimate tool to see through the eyes of the very people who are trying to save endangered condors in the wild.

Report Condor Sightings
You can help with our research by reporting condor sightings. Please include tag numbers if possible and if you get a photograph of the condor, please include that as well. If you have a condor sightings outside of the normal range of Big Sur & Pinnacles National Monument, these are of particular interest to us.

Learn more about Condor Cam.

Frequently Asked Questions about Condor Cam.

Watch video about the Oakland Zoo and Ventana Wildlife Society's collaboration

Visit our Recent Cam Photos page to see a few screen grabs of other wildlife captured in the area. So far includes a Buck, Golden eagle, a Raven...

Condor Information brochure (PDF)

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Carl Young Weather Station at Anderson Peak, Big Sur, CA
This weather station is dedicated to the memory of Meteorologist Carl Young, son of VWS co-founders' Sal and Ada Lucido. Carl dedicated his life to weather research and died tragically in 2013 in pursuit of an EF-3 tornado in Oklahoma. The new weather station will help the VWS condor crew avoid dangerous weather conditions in the mountains of Big Sur, just as Carl's work helped warn people of dangerous tornados. Carl was incredibly supportive of Ventana Wildlife Society's work and spent many days of his youth and adult life in the field assisting his parents with VWS's mission.

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